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IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. (in short: IFKA) has been a part of our country’s economic, development, research and innovation Community since 1990. The organization was founded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Bank for Industrial Development under the name of the Foundation for Industrial Technological Development and was transformed into a public foundation in 2004. Since 2013 its legal successor is IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. 

The activities of IFKA are in line with domestic and EU objectives. The main processes involved in the activities of IFKA can be divided into three categories: management, key and support processes. Management processes include strategic and business planning, business development, risk management, quality management and internal control; key processes include economic development, employment expansion, logistics, research and development, green economy; regulatory links and market monitoring; while supporting processes are procurement, public procurement, asset management, finance, accounting, IT, HR, communication and legal affairs.
It has the capacity to attract significant resources to its public benefit purposes and successfully measures up to the rather competitive domestic and European Union professional environment with its projects. IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. is not a government agency and it operates on a project basis. Thanks to its extensive professional expertise and organizational skills it is also involved in developing domestic, comprehensive strategies. 

In addition to its professional activities, IFKA also manages and supports prizes and scholarships, is a supporter of the Innovation Grand Prix and the founder and manager of the Organizational Innovation Award, which is presented annually in the Parliament, and is the patron of several quality organizations. IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. uses the  MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality management system: is certified according to the 2015 standard, validity period of the certificate: was April 22, 2021. IFKA received a letter of recognition from EFQM C2E (commitment to excellence) in the Parliament on November 20, 2009. It is an adult educational institution which guarantees high standards of education, training and training coordination activity. Registration number of the adult education institution: E-001784/2018. 

IFKA pursues its activities along public and followed values; it is characterized by stability and predictability, security, a high degree of adaptability and proactivity. 
IFKA is committed to the future generation, thus in cooperation with the former Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI), the Klebelsberg Center (KK) and the national Conference of Student Governments (HÖOK) has set up a program, based mainly on contemporary mentoring activities, with a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is about supporting primary school students in small towns to successfully complete their studies and, on the other, about mutual learning, supporting each other and strengthening Hungarian communities. This is the Let’s Teach for Hungary program. The target group of the Let’s Teach for Hungary program are primary school students in small towns and villages. The university student mentors working alongside them show them the opportunities offered by the world beyond the town and help them see the variety of occupations and futures they can choose from. The Let’s Teach for Hungary program is built on four main pillars: a university mentoring program, a secondary school mentoring program, the HÖOK mentoring program and a corporate mentoring program.

IFKA is the operator of the Modern Model Factory Program I. (previously: Industry 4.0 Model Factories), a flagship project aimed at bringing the opportunities offered by industry 4.0 to SMEs in the convergence region, leading them onto a development path. From 2020, the program aims to promote and support the organizational renewal and technology change of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, thus improving competitiveness, developing an entrepreneurial environment and culture. In addition to its knowledge-based, development services, as part of the approach to raise awareness, it organizes the Modern Factories’ Night each year for the general public, which has become a priority government program with a special focus on SMEs, industrial workers and young people about to make a career choice. As part of this project, IFKA has rendered available to businesses, among other things, services such as corporate consultancy, advisory, training, workshops, professional events and model factory visits, as well as the Modern Factories’ Night national scope event. 
IFKA has also set up and is the manager of the Business Information Portal upon the ITM’s [Ministry for Innovation and Technology] request. The business information (VALI) website aims to provide businesses with tailored rapid, credible and comprehensible information. The site is structured around the following topics: available grant application opportunities, government aid, loans, training opportunities and specialist services, news.

Among other things, IFKA manages the ‘GINOP-1.1.4-16 Future Hungarian Multinationals Program I. The project called “Identifying, assessing, motivating and identifying development needs of small and medium-sized enterprises with a high growth potential” is a priority project that promotes the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with their official seat or a production site in the domestic, convergence region, through a unique, qualified pool of experts. The Future Hungarian Multinationals Program contributes to the specific development of companies by providing substantial financial resources and tailored professional support. The aim of the program is to strengthen domestic companies by encouraging internationally competitive quantitative, as well as qualitative growth. In addition to the selection, pre-qualification and professional support of promising, high-growth potential enterprises, a qualified expert system has also been established. In developing the pool of specialist service providers, IFKA has developed a unique system to ensure the qualitative selection of service providers that can provide expertise to beneficiary companies (SMEs) under specific GINOP tender frameworks related to the SME strategy pillars. The provision of expert services under these tender invitations is conditional upon the applicant professional operator being qualified by IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. via its own certification process. The selection of expert service providers will be based on a pre-defined set of criteria following the electronic submission of the qualification request, with a total of 22 expert categories within four main expert groups.
The objective of the Green National Champions Program, as part of the Future Hungarian Multinationals Program (GINOP-1.1.4-16), is to support technology change developments in high-growth potential manufacturing companies related to the green economy and industry. The growing green economy requires greater involvement on the part of local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether it be manufacturing companies supporting energy efficiency investments, producers using raw material from secondary sources, companies that can improve water use efficiency or strengthening the industrial suppliers of electro-mobility investments.
The organization has significant project experience in implementing green economic projects, with the aim of developing waste management practices in domestic companies, improving material and energy efficiency through the practical application of the principles of industrial symbiosis and the circular economy. In this context, IFKA simultaneously builds relationships and transmits knowledge, while creating opportunities to define innovation needs and to access funding. The organization has a significant supporting role in projects raising public awareness regarding waste recovery and sustainability. (Managed programs: Pioneers into practice, CIRCE2020, Danube S3, TRIS – Transition Regions toward Industrial Symbiosis, NISP – National Industrial Symbiosis Program). 

IFKA has been active in several domestic and international projects in the development of social enterprizes (GINOP 5.1.2-15, “PiacTárs” flaship project, INTERREG international projects, INTERREG EUROPE projects: Circular Regions, SOCIAL SEEDS, RaiSE, INTERREG DANUBE projects: SENSES, Finance4SocialChange, GoDanuBio, INTERREG CENTRAL projects: Social(i)Makers, Social Impact Vouchers, DelFin). In the PiacTárs flaship project it reviewed the development plans of organizations wishing to apply for grants under GINOP 5.1.3-16 and GINOP and for repayable assistance under GINOP 8.8.1-17, establishing and operating a qualification system for target group organizations (foundations, associations, non-profit companies and social cooperatives). The professional value of a pre-qualification system is to manage the complex target system of social enterprizes, assessing business sustainability and measurable social impact at the same time. The on-line interface and the pre-defined evaluation system and process created provide transparent functionality, while the established infrastructure and group of experts effectively ensures a comprehensive evaluation of a large number of applications.


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Industry development
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